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I am proud to receive the support of so many citizens and community leaders in my bid to become State Senator representing District 50. These people know me, and they know my passion for helping our community grow and our families prosper. Please connect with me if you have any questions about my campaign or aspirations for Iowa.

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I have known Nannette for 13 years, and served with her on the Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce Board for the last four. During that time, Nannette has continually shown integrity, a forward-thinking and inclusive mindset, and a devotion to the small businesses in Fort Madison and SE Iowa. She is hard working and always willing to jump in when something needs done. Nannette enters every conversation with a willingness to listen, grace and positivity. She knows first-hand the struggles small business owners face, and the grit it takes to run those businesses day in and day out. I believe Nannette will represent our District with the same hard work and integrity she has always shown.

Jess Sutcliffe, Small Business Owner and Community Leader

My wife and I fully support Nannette Griffin as the next State Senator from District 50.  We have been taking our cars to Griffin Muffler and Brake Center for many years now and we can vouch for the honest and outstanding way she runs her business.  We know she will bring those same characteristics to the state senate and represent us well.  But it’s not just that.  Nannette doesn’t just talk about helping small business and entrepreneurs, she actually does something about it.  She started the local chapter of the Midwest Auto Care Alliance, which helps auto repair businesses provide better service to their customers.  She has also inspired young entrepreneurs as a guest speaker in the entrepreneurship class that I teach at SCC.  We can think of no better candidate to drive economic development in southeast Iowa.  Please join us in sending Nannette Griffin to the State Senate next November.

Mike and Susan Avery

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It is important in these uncertain times that we have someone like small business owner Nannette Griffin in the Iowa State Senate to represent Southeast Iowa.  She is always straight and to the point and as someone who has done business with her I appreciate this quality,  Nannette will represent the working class like myself as well as the small business owners which is needed.  With her expertise of owning a small business makes her the perfect person for the State Senate. Southeast Iowa needs a voice and Nannette is just that person.

Jan LaCroix, Fort Madison, IA 

I am supporting Nannette Griffin for the next State Senator for District 50. Why, because as a successful small businesswoman, she has the experience and understands the trials of running and operating a small business. We need individuals in our State Senate who support small businesses and the knowledge of how to support and help those who are venturing in the world of ownership.Nannette also believes in the trade and skills classes that need to be expanded in our school system. There is currently a shortage of skill and trade craftsmen and women to serve our communities. I support her passion for the State Senate in support of all small business owners. As a registered independent voter, I will be supporting Nannette in the coming election on November 5, 2024.

Joe Kowzan, former Mayor of Fort Madison

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